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To help you understanding the structure of the site... Voila the site map of! icone smiley wink

Who is Sham?   
Who's Sham? Why ShamWerks?

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VW Stuff   
1959 Beetle   
Head lights, Tail lights, and new Shoes
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 11 : engine installation
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 10 : Heater Boxes
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 9 : Flywheel and Cluch
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 8 : cooler, tinware and shroud
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 7 : intake manifold
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 6 : Rocker arm geometry
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, episode 5 : Fuel Pump
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, part 4 : Solex 28 PCI
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, part 3 : Closing the engine
Elvira : Rebuilding the 36hp, part 2 : parts, parts, parts...
Elvira : rebuilding the 36hp
Final result...
Miscellaneous and accessories
Body work / paint job
History and original condition

1968 Karmann Ghia   
Kitty Injection : Engine : 1776 part. 2
Kitty Injection : Moteur 2 : 1776!
Kitty Injection : Engine
Kitty Injection : Hardware
Kitty Injection : Electronics
Kitty Injection!
Kitty Upgrade : Short Swing Axle Swap
Kitty Upgrade : Pedal assembly
Kitty Upgrade : the brakes!
Kitty Upgrade : Fuchs time!
KG from above
Ice and Fire...
More polishing tests...
Polishing Tests...
Period accessory...
First visit
Here it comes, here it comes...

1970 VW Thing   
Küby : getting it back on the road... again!
Bye bye Küby...
For Sale!
Küby Westy : the Westfalia Thing!
A top for Küby...
DIY paint job
Küby : getting it back on the road
My first visit to Küby...

Mini Thing   
Mini Thing : Chassis, Motor, Electricity, and first ride!
Men at work...
XXS Thing shells for sale!
The mold / The shell
The master piece

1988 Golf MkII   
Retirement time...
Good Bye Pierburg, Hello Weber!
Krapo Bleu : Recaro and Gearbox linkage
Krapo Bleu : Engine Swap!
Tribute to Krapo Bleu

Le Road Trip
Panam' Split
Lego Beetle
Intermeccanica Kübel replica
Kübel on Modern Mechanix
Menton 1995
356 Production line...

1954 IFA   
Le Blog Moto : DKW RT125 article
DKW RT125 Handbook
Restarting the beast
History and original condition

1956 Lambretta   
Den of iniquity
Bye bye Lamy...
The bill and useful addresses
Final result
Restoring chromes and electric wiring...
Engine restoration
Restoring the frame and the body...
Original condition

1959 Albatross   
Albatross in Monaco
Pacha : Log Book
Pacha : Log Book
Albatross : vintage waterskiing video
Pure Collector...
1965 Albatross Sports Runabout and Continental Handbook
History of the Albatross
Period pictures
Duke of Edinburgh's Albatross for sale...
An Albatross on YouTube...
Albatross 1959 : rescue operation!

Promenade du Soleil
Juan-les-Pins, August 9th 1945.
Miss Bikini 1956
Juan-les-Pins, day and night...
Back in time...
Juan-Les-Pins, 50's...
Juan les Pins, 1959
Dany Logan
Juan les Pins, 1977
Juan les Pins, 1959

Fifties Stuff   
Fifties Fan...
Moulinex Sixties

Porsche : Malicia Tribute
Retro Design
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need... roads.
Pantone in 1949...
Neo Solex, Back to the Future...
GM FuturLiner
The Turini mountain pass on an ACMA...
Soon in my garage?
July 30th 2003
Vence mountain pass...
Hot Rod Magazine, Août 1949...

Do It Yourself   
Worshop : workbench 2.0
Workshop 2.0
Camwerks : DIY Camshaft measuring bench
Crouzet-Valence FC100 milling machine
Workshop Update : Sambre-et-Meuse Vise
Workshop : Floor Upgrade!
Restoring the Crouzet-Valence
Workshop : DIY Sandblasting cabinet
Workshop : Workbench
Workshop : Garage project, the renovation
Workshop : Garage Project
Crouzet-Valence VM125 metal lathe
Workshop : Welcome to the Garage!

Terrace Project   
Terrace Project : The Bamboo Containers Strike Back
Terrace Project : Final Result and Conclusions
Terrace Project : Japanese Garden Tsuboniwa Karesensui
Terrace Project : Boardwalk between Decks
Terrace Project : Deck Lounge
Terrace Project : Deck Loggia
Terrace Project : Bamboo containers
Terrace Project : Japanese Garden Tsuboniwa Chaniwa
Terrace Project : Wooden fence
Terrace Project

Vintage Lamps   
Desktop lamp the Fifties way...
Final Result

3 month later...
Tillandsia Cyanea
Bettadyne and the Four Samuraïs
Nano Paludarium V2 : Going live !
Nano Paludarium V2 : building the background

Cabling and final assembly...
The box...
The Lightbox
Dismantling the screen
The project...

Radio-Cycle or Tri-Flyer?
Red Lichtenstein

Sham's Mood   
Kombi Life
Good bye, shuttle.
Uncle Sham Needs You!
RIP Dennis
Forkless Bike
We Choose the Moon
Model wrecks...
Derringer Cycles
Popular Science goes Google
50.57 knots...
Flickr's Spell
ZoHo ArtForm 01...
Plan 59
Coast to Coast
Volume of water on Earth
Some friendly commercial stuff...
InterFlight Studio
Polaroïd's dead...
All this... For that.
Sony Bravia : colour like no other 2007
AirLiners / PilotList
Lost America...
1957 - 2007 : The unveiling...
Guèpe Upholstery
Buried Plymouth Belvedere...
Cannes' Festival
Modern Mechanix
Opera of Toulon
Soviet Look
Thanks Firmin
Ed Roth Case
Karmann in the Mountains
Hawaïan Palm

Monaco Top Marques 2008
Monaco Yacht Show 2007
Bye bye Leone...
Monaco Marques Show 2007
Sentier de la Brague
Stencil style
Elements of geography / The departure
The Return / Conclusions
La Guadeloupe... du 22 au 29 Octobre 2001!

R/C Modeling   
USS Bubul 59   
Bubul : Plans!

The 50's in the US... or not?
Pierre Scerri
Pegomas 2001
Pegomas 2000

Site map   
Site map

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