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Panam' Split

The Panamericana.
A mythical road, which, sorry to tell, personally makes me dream way more than the Route 66.

I'm talking about the Big Panamericana, from Prudhoe Bay, in Alaska, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, (the most northern place of the American continent, accessible by car), to the famous Ushuaïa, in Tierra del Fuego, at the extreme south tip of Argentina. As the crow flies, it's around a 15.000 kilometers trip ; by car, about 25.000, and do not expect an highway all along the journey... Quite a cruising, uh?.

Anyway : two German guys took up the challenge, driving a... Split Beetle 1952.

And this, commands respect. Take your jaw back if you dropped it as I did.
Well, OK, the old Beetle doesn't have any more it original 25 HP engine... The motor unit is a much more recent 1956' one, a monster of 30HP. icone smiley laugh Apart from than and some minor security modifications (switch to 12V electrical system, security belts, Sekurit windshield, windshield washers, headlights...), and some comfort-related equipments, the vintage German car is strictly genuine original, no off-road preparation (as we can see too many recently, but those only go from a VW meeting to the next one...)

Arrived in Seattle by plane, their Beetle joined them in a container. They already drove up to Prudhoe Bay (hey, that's already a 12.000 kilometers loop!), and they're now back in Fairbanks (California), after a pit stop in Seattle again, to prepare the rest of their long journey. Aiming to the South...

Their web site is available in German only for now, but even if you're not familiar with Goethe's language, go check the pictures there... :

Dirk , Torsten, I have a lot of respect for such an adventure, be sure I'll follow each of your steps closely...
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