Posted on 28/05/2007 at 14:52

Guèpe Upholstery

Here is a link to a blog I visit on a daily basis... You may have already found the link to it in the left column : it's Jérome "La Guêpe" Gomez's blog (nb: "La Guèpe" means "The Wasp" in French, 'cause of his needles...).
He already impressed a lot of people over the Internet forums, like on the mICROCOSME Project, or on Soldeli's Karmann-Ghia.

Real competent craftsmen are uneasy to find ; those who have the passion, who share it, and show the way they work, are extremely rare... So, make sure you keep this address, and have a look at this website...

Waiting for the day I'll send you my KG's bucket seats, La Guêpe...
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