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From time to time, you can find over the Internet one of those jewels, one of those web site that makes you forget the time, and pushes you to visit each and every of its pages. Shorpy is definitely one of those.

Shorpy, subtitles "the 100-year-old photo blog", gathers hundreds of old pictures (from 1839 to 1969, more or less), of a very good quality and in a high resolution. Have a special look to the categories Cars and Trucks, as well as Aviation... A real journey though time, snapshots of another era!
You'll find treasures like Joy Ride (1924), Innerwing Inspectors (1942), Pike's Peak Champion (1920, ci-dessus), Road Locomotive (1920), Ice cream everyday (1920)...

Whatever, hurry up, go have a look at Shorpy!
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