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The Turini mountain pass on an ACMA...

The Turini mountain pass is a legendary stage for all the Rallye enthusiasts, and so since the late 50's! This stage is part of the Monte-Carlo Rally (Monaco).
A 32 kilometers stage, serpentine as hell (34 hairpins turns!), 1200m. to climb up to the top...

Here is a picture a friend of mine gave me : the picture was taken on winter 1959, and you can see several members from his family (his father is riding the second Vespa), riding theirs '56 ACMA's to the snowy Turini... I know this place, the temperatures there, the low performance of those scooters, their poor road holding, and this makes me feel much respectful!
Thanks Régis for this never-seen-before photograph! icone smiley wink

Wanna know more about the Turini : (available both in French and English)...
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