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Restoring chromes and electric wiring...

Restoring chromes and electric wiring...
Left picture, the front brake and clutch commands. They were originally covered with an ugly grey rubber, I decided to polish them...
Middle picture, the chromes are back from their bath! Beautiful job, thank to Etablissements MORIANO, in St Laurent du Var. Just a free ad for them, the result is just perfect!
For example, the headlight... Compare with this picture... No comments!
And voila, a nice ID plate, same format as original one!
I cut it out of an aluminium sheet I found in an old server... Informatics applied to vintage vehicles restoration! icone smiley laugh

To paint the characters, I used some masking film, usually used for airbrush painting.
Last picture, the result once mounted, with several polishing phases to get the whole thing glossy.
The brakes light contact : only GL models are equipped with it. The fixations on the contact being broken, I made an aluminium support, epoxy-glued on the contact.

You can see the result on the last picture... When you press on the pedal, the contact extends, which closes the circuit and lights the rear brake light.
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