Posted on 09/10/2008 at 02:25

70.000 Hits

And voila... In early August, the 70.000th lost soul came on ShamWerks!

A world of thanks to all of you, for your kind messages, a lot of regular visitors were concerned about my long silence, and the lack of updates on ShamWerks...
Don't worry guys, this site is far from dead (27 articles being written right now!), but I like to take my time, I prefer not to post anything, than propose worthless articles.

Plus, my private, off-line life has been quite filled in those last months (good things, bad things, but in the end, filled in!), therefore I did not have a lot of stuff to propose here...

The traditional pin-up this time came out of the talented pen of Jason Meek, whom I like a lot the style, have a look at his work here : Ockham's Razor.

Thanks again for your loyalty... More news real soon!
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