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Terrace Project : Wooden fence

Wooden fence
Here we go, May 2009, building the wooden fence...
I've used 180x180cm panels made of autoclaved pine, found at the DIY superstore ; these are thick, with a solid a assembly and stainless screws, while the el cheapo models wouldn't resist more than a week...

The first (and so tedious!) step is to brush two layers of wood surface coating (both sides). Autoclaved or not, pine wood outside wouldn't make it through winter without it (even I live in sunny French Riviera). I'm using V33 coating, said to be guaranteed 8 years. That's free advertising, I'm happy with it for now, we'll see later how it turns out.
The panels are fixed with four 70 x 70mm posts , made of pine wood as well, surface coated the same way as the panels.
As a small 50cm wall was there, I fixed my posts on it, using four 120mm long bolts ; the leftmost and rightmost posts have an additional long bolt at their top, to fix them on their side wall. Sometimes the are some strong winds at my place, I wanted to be sure nothing would move... And, well, I believe this could take an earthquake.

I only have one single picture of the assembly process : bottom left, you can see the column drill I use to drill down really square into the posts ; in the corner, you can see the bottom of one of the posts, drilled, with its four long bolts in place.

The long bolts heads are not directly in contact with the wood, but with a large washer, unless the pressure would make the head go through the soft wood. The bolt head, and its washer, are in a small 5mm deep hole, made with a 35mm drill... Aesthetic detail! icone smiley laugh

Here we are! It took me way longer than expected, but I really wanted to make sure it would last long. And some details take a looooong time to achieve, like the modification of the left panel : narrowing and notching to deal with the step...
Phewww... Done. Next! icone smiley wink
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