Posted on 12/01/2009 at 11:52

80.000 Hits... Happy New Year 2009!

10 times! This is the tenth time I wish you all, a Happy New Year on my website! Wow! icone smiley wink

So, Excellent New Year 2009 to you, my dearest anonymous visitor. May this year bring you...
Well, hmm...
Let's say a good health, a roof on your head and enough to eat, that's already a lot with things as they are.
And if this year allows us to play a little bit with old, greasy toys and/or do some travels, well, that would be a very good year ; let's first try to keep it going that way till 2010, right?! icone smiley laugh

I would like to use that post as well to celebrate my 80.000th visitor! Thanks a lot, as usual, to all of you guys (and girls!), for your loyalty and little, friendly messages...
I know, ShamWerks could be more active, but I must admit that the current freezing-cold winter down here in France has somewhat cooled down my creativity... Beside, I do not have a lack of projects! OK, thy will be my good resolution for 2K9 : make my projects move forward, and stop waiting!

As goes the tradition, here's a pin-up to celebrate the new level reached by the hit-o-meter. But not just any pin up : Bettie Page herself, the world class pin up and burlesque icon...
Who has left us to shoot pictures under new skies last month, at the age of 85.

Bye Bettie.
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