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Nano Paludarium V2 : Going live !

OK, now the structure is done, it's high time to stick it into the tank, silicon-gluing the bottom part. I've made 2 plexiglas walls for the decanting system. A 10 watts Newattino thermostat will keep the water at 25°C.

Since the earliest tests, I found that some water from the waterfall is going where it was not expected to... So that the 4 containers for the plants were flooded...
I fixed the issue in two steps : first, I epoxy-glued little stones to keep the water flow as planned. And aesthetically, I feel like it looks even better this way!

But unfortunately, the little stones did not fix 100% of the issue. So, I've epoxy glued into each of the four plant containers, a plastic tubing "drainage pipe" (to avoid contact between water and polystyrene), that evacuates the water from the bottom of the plant holes, to the bottom (or the back) of the structure. This will prevent the roots from beings flooded by water, and rot... Well, actually, just like on any flower pot.
To install those tubes, I used a brass tube which I file-sharpened on one end, and used it like a die cutter. Then you just have to glue a plastic tube of corresponding diameter in the hole you've just made:

Planting :

I followed my original plan :
  • Top left, I've put a Ficus White Sunny, that "pours" outside of the tank.
  • Right in the middle, a Tillandsia Cyanea, for which I had to cheat a little bit, using some sewing thread to hold its flower, which was too heavy to stand still...
  • Bottom two containers receive Helexines, of two different shades of green.
  • The "waterfall" in the middle gets invaded by some Java moss, which appreciate this kind of places.
  • I've got some Lemna Minor (duck weed) on the water surface, but I will probably remove them, they just keep on dirtying my filter...
  • Last but not least, I've put an Anubia Nana down in the water, which hides the water intake.

Lighting :

Same system as on my previous tank, but using 2 lamps this time. Aesthetically, that's brilliant, but I'm affraid my plants get a bit too hot... I'll have to keep an eye opened on that.

Pictures of the result...

Here is the result! Looks cool, hum? icone smiley laugh
Now I've to wait for things to settle, for the water to get clear, for the moss to invade everything... Life, you know. icone smiley wink
I already have a couple of snails in the tank (I probably introduced them with the Anubia), one of them has climbed through the waterfall up to the fogger's tank! icone smiley smile

Coming next :

  • Modify the fogger's tank cap : this one isn't high enough, and prevents the fogger from making as much fog as it could. The new cap could be an additional plant container...
  • Add Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba in the sand, like the Takashi Amano tanks... And maybe change the sand to black one as well, for increased contrast...
  • Introduce a Betta fish...
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