Posted on 23/02/2011 at 14:18

Uncle Sham Needs You!

(sorry for the crappy wordplay, I couldn't help...)

Ok, I don't have high hopes, but I give it a try anyway : I have a big garage/parking issue.

I only have a small garage/box in the basement of a building, and I'm too old to play hide'n'seek with the other co-owners who prohibit me from doing mechanics' work ; additionally, the hosting of the Albatross was only temporary, it has to move by the end of may. Consequently, all my project are "on hold", which is seriously ruining my nerves.
So, priority N°1 now is to find a place were I could finally work at ease! icone smiley wink

Im looking for a garage/workshop/warehouse/shed, something like 30 to 40 sqm with electricity (or even just a plot of land for the Albatross), to store my toys, and more importantly work on them. And obviously, the whole thing has to bee affordable, I'm no Rothschild ; yeah, I know, such a place on the Riviera, I'm day-dreaming, but I need to give it a try, unless I'll have to drop everything... icone smiley sad

In conclusion, if you, my dearest reader, have the mere hint/tips/advice/knowledge about a place that would match my expectation, for rent or for sale, within a 20km radius of Antibes... Please, tell me asap! You'll have my eternal gratitude in return! And a picture of you on ShamWerks! Thanks! icone smiley laugh

Edit 24-03-2011 :
OK, I've found a solution... Far from perfect, but anyway : I've found a garage for rent like 5 minutes walking from my place, it'll allow me to store the Albatross or the Karmann, depending on needs. Meanwhile, I'll renovate my current garage, which I've been working in for 15 years, trying to make it more "livable".
Again, the solution isn't ideal, but it will buy me some time to organize. I have to face the ugly truth : prices are so high in the area, having a proper workshop isn't conceivable... I'll probably end up leaving the region for that same reason.
Anyway, that means you should expect some "workshop enhancement" posts real soon! icone smiley wink
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