Posted on 22/07/2009 at 14:00


90.000 visitors!

It's a bit late that I finally post the ritual pin-up for the 10K milestone, once again one from Gil Elvgren...
90.000? Wow, the next one will be a big step!

As usual, thanks to all of you for your visits, ShamWerks is very far from the hit scores of the majors blogs, but anyway, it has its used customers!

As usual again, sorry for the lack of updates on this site...

And as usual once more, I'll tell you I prefer write complete, useful, documented articles, instead of a single picture stolen from an other web site, without even a small comment... That's the way I do it, sorry for those who do not appreciate.

Talking about article, get ready for some wood working on ShamWerks in the next few weeks... Some botanics as well, as well as some Japanese culture... I won't tell you more, I have a bunch of pictures of recent realizations I'm preparing backstage. icone smiley wink

Thanks again for your visits, support messages, donations on my bank account in Switzerland, comments... Thanks to all of you guys, I do appreciate!
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