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Body work / paint job

Early 1998, the paint job.

I'll only do an external paint, for several reasons:
  • - the orignal interior paint looks like new, even it's 39 years old!
  • - I like this interior patina look...
  • - an moreover, I can't afford a full body work! icone smiley wink
So, after disassembling all the exterior elements(bumpers, lights, glasses, etc), the Beauty is sanded and primered, as you can see here.

Inside of the opening will get its black coat as well (VW (Schwartz L41) : hoods, doors...
The only real metalworking will b the reparation of a rip on the front hood, which is usual on those models : there were only one single stand to keep the hood opened, which you need to unlock to close the hood. If someone tries to force-close it... You got a rip on the hood's side.
The body shop did a great work here, you can barely see the repair.
Here is the result after several layers of black!
Yummy, I love this bumper-less dragster look...

Voila, I still need to give back the fuel tank and wheels their original Peal White (PerlWeiss L87) color (I hate this ugly vanilla color). But I can already start reassembling the beast!
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