Posted on 12/07/2013 at 17:20

Kitty Upgrade : Pedal assembly

Amongst all the little improvements that I wanted to make on Kitty, was the replacement of my clutch cable, which used to make a squeaky noise for a while now.
In order to replace that cable, one need to take the pedal assembly out of the car ; but when I saw how ugly it looked, I decided it definitely needed a bit of TLC before I could put it back in (and no, that's not what she said). icone smiley laugh
So here I go again, disassembling / cleaning / sandblasting / painting, beadblasting of the hardware, and reassembling with new parts...

That's the kind of setback that screws up my planning... Well, that and the delevry time of VW Classic. icone smiley laugh icone smiley laugh
The pedals feels much smoother now, I can't wait to actually try it on the road!
However, I uncovered a tiny crack at the base of the clutch pedal, so I may have to take it apart again in order to weld it... Well, I guess we'll see if it holds like that once the gearbox and engine are back in.

That's all for today, to be continued soon!
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