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The Big Reassembly after the paint job!
Putting back the bumpers have been difficult, the "export" renforcements keep annoying me..

The rear lights required lots of patience as well to find the original place...

In short, after a few hours spent struggling with the spare parts, Elvira is back on the road with its lights, bumpers, ID Plate (made by Etablissement Maillefaud in Paris, just a free ad for their fantastic work)...
My beetle had been dropped down in the past... So I re-highered the suspension to give it back its original looks.
But I kept the nose a few centimeters lower that the back, to give some rake, just because I prefer this look! icone smiley wink

Here we go, I already removed the wheel, shock absorber, the transmission/brake drum assembly...
In 3 steps, how-to-higher-a-suspension :
  1. We take apart the plate hiding the torsion bar (4 very tighten bolts)
  2. Here we see the torsion bar and its grooves : I need to remove the suspension plate without moving the torsion bar...
  3. And voila! The only thing left I've got to do is reassembling, shifting by 1 groove up! (you can see on this picture the torsion bar in its tube)
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