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Kitty Injection!

The one big modification on Kitty is its conversion to FUEL INJECTION!

Most of the VW community sees that as some sort of blasphemy, but come on, you gotta live with the times : fuel injection offers easy driving, the engine is available at any RPM, increased mileage, reduced pollution, no more carburetors that you got to adjust after 500km... Same goes for the ignition, which I intend to control with the same control unit as for the injection...
So, after test-driving Laurent's 1303 (check here :, I was convinced. And I went for some parts hunting!

For those of you interested by this setup, I'll go through the differetn modifications in full details during the next days/weeks, explaining the technical choices I've made :

  • Electronics

  • Hardware

  • Electricity

  • Fuel system

  • Software

  • Engine

But before I even started installing anything, I first wanted to have a clean engine compartment - which was in dire need of TLC. I first tried ordering a firewall/tarboard insulation kit from West Coast Metrics (via Slide Perf) : really nice product, but I wasn't satisfied with the final aspect.
So I finally went the hard way to remove all traces of glue : 6 hours of work with 5 liters of aceton (heavy duty gloves and gas mask mandatory, this produces some nasty fumes!)... But at least, it's finally clean icone smiley wink
So, be get ready for a series of quite technical articles!
To be continued... Real soon! icone smiley wink
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