Posted on 29/09/2005 at 17:35

Cabling and final assembly...

Cabling the whole thing... On this picture, on the bottom right, the transformer for the fans. As it is adjustable, I can under-volt the fans, getting them to run slower, therefore less noisy.
The four 80mm fans are directly fixed under the top cover of the box, and connected to the transformer.
The LCD screen and its driving boards:
On the top, the condenser and its HQI lamp. The objective's support adjusting rails slide under the LCD's boards.
An optical-quality mirror will allow me to stick the box to a wall, making it little bit less bulky in the bedroom...
The completed box, viewed from outside!
Here it is! Now, I only have to stick it to the wall, and voila! icone smiley wink
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