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Putting back the engine into the frame!
If you've got this operation to do, here is the correct order :
  1. re-mount the scooter stand to work freely.
  2. Put back the engine into the frame, with its front axis.
  3. Mount the suspension arm with its torsion bar and moreover, the junction that links it to the engine... You can't mount this part later. 34 rolls come into the ball bearing.
  4. Link back the junction to the engine... 34 more rolls to put in, I advise you use some grease to stick them in.
Make sure you follow the steps in this order unless it turns into a nightmare!
Starts looking good, uh?
The handlebar is on, with all is cables (gear selection, clutch, front brake, throttle...).
Later, I've replaced the cables by Teflon-ized models (usually used on mountain bikes). They slide much more smoothly than the Italians replicas.

The rear brake is back as well, as the glovebox and the speedometer.

Small issue during the re assembly, the fenders don't mount fine on the frame... I forgot to ask my bodyshop to adjust'em... Argh... Anyway, with a bit of patience, I made it happen.
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