Posted on 05/11/2001 at 12:00

10000 Hit + featured in Super VW Magazine!

No updates on this site for months... I feel sorry about that, I have received a lot of e-mails from usual visitors, asking for the reasons of this silence...
In fact the latest 4 month have been rather complicated for me, mainly because I have been fired from my former position (for economic reasons)... So I'm loking for a job now!
I have used those kind of hollidays to go to Guadeloupe (French Antillas) : pictures available here : Guadeloupe page...
Next, just before being fired, I have bought a new vehicle... I promise, this will be the last!! You can have a look to this real beauty here : Malicia
Last news, this web site has been featured in the french magazine "Super VW" (No146, October 2001) :

At least, Da Sham's Web Site welcomed its 10.000th visitor in October... Champagne!
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