Posted on 19/06/2007 at 00:44


Here we are, 5000 more visits, ShamWerks goes though the 45.000 hits boundary!
Many, many thanks to you all for your comments, advices, congrats...

As the tradition wants, here is the usual pin-up to celebrate the event... But to be real sure not to give you a pinup you've already seen on 15 blogs, I draw it myself... icone smiley wink

Some of you noticed that my blog was less often updated than some others over the Internet... That's right. And this is probably the reason why I don't have that many visits, compared to some super-star blogs that have as many hits in one single week, as myself in years...icone smiley laugh
But I still prefer prepared articles wih a real, serious, original content, with some logic and text... Instead of just throwing a picture probably stolen from another site... icone smiley wink

See you in two month from now for the next big boundary stone... I'll have to find something phat to celebrate this one!

Thanks again to you all, see you back soon!
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