Posted on 27/12/2006 at 15:01

Ed Roth Case

PC modding, the "art" of modifying PC cases... Definitely geekthing, and unfortunately, most of the time, the realisations are inspired by automotive tuning!

But sometimes, you find a guy who has "gold in his fingers" (well, this is a French expression, I don't know the english equivalent!)... And here is a case that Ed "BigDaddy" Roth could have designed himself!

Pinstriping, scallops, chrome and polished aluminium poli everywhere... Isn't it a pure marvel? icone smiley wink
Rhaaa, I'd like to see this on on my desk!
Follow [this link] to see the step-by-step building of this case...

Another project, way less complex, but which will surely give ideas to some of you :

Follow [this link] to know more about it...

PS : just a link for the Geek Stuff addicts : ThinkGeek, the ultimate online shop... Just a free ad!
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