Posted on 29/09/2006 at 01:39

Albatross 1959 : rescue operation!

Here is how the story began...
A friend of mine, Fred, owns this boat for years, moored in the Monaco harbor, right below the Prince's palace.

But time is running short to find a new house for it (the boat, not the Prince), because the harbor got recently privatized, and a typical Monaco privilege has disappeared : freeness for boats under 4 meters long.

Now, the Albatross could end up on breakage... Which would be a pity!
So I bought the little boat, as Fred did not have enough spare time to take care of it, but moreover to prevent it from being crushed in a breakage...

September 29th 2006, I'm off to retrieve the beast in Monte-Carlo...

Here we are, the Albatross is safe... Next step, get it back up and running, and go play with it as soon as the weather allows it!
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