Posted on 13/04/2007 at 01:10

40.000 visitors!

And voila, ShamWerks reached the 40.000 visits! (and Sham the 32 years!)

Therefore, here is the traditional pin-up, this time out of the pencil of Gil Elvgren (by far my favorite pin-up drawer). Next one in 5000 hits from now...

The number of daily visits on ShamWerks is pretty stable, between 50 and 80 visitors... From which a large majority of regular readers (contact me to get your Frequent Flyer card, you'll get miles!), mainly in France, but as well more and more from the USA... Plus some regular islanders, either from French Antillas, Polynesia, or Reunion!
Many thanks to all of you, for your comments, advices, help, support... Thanks! icone smiley wink

Soon some more news on ShamWerks... I'm preparing a "Fifties Deco" section for the newt few days (Teddy, you'll like it!)... But as well, the Mini 181 will re-start its building process, some news about the Ghia, some Vintage stuff, and even some R/C modeling!

Thank you for flying ShamWerks Airlines... The seat belts fasten, adjust and unfasten this way... Emergency exits are at front, rear, and middle of the site...
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