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How to decorate an elevator in a luxury hotel, with a 12.5 millions euros budget?

Here is the solution found by the Radisson in Berlin : a cylindric aquarium of 900.000 liters (i.e. 900 tons of salt water!), 11 meters diameter for 14 meters high (25 m. total with its bottom support), with 2.600 fishes of 56 different species inside, the elevator going up in the center of this cylinder. Two divers are employed full time to take care of the tank...

The walls are not made of glass, but of acrylic : the inner cylinder (the elevator cage) was brought on site as a single piece ; the outer wall was brought in four parts, chemically welded on site, without any trace of "welding" being visible. A bloody nice piece of engineering...

Want to learn more about the Aquadom and its construction? (impressive pictures inside!) :
Thanks Oliv' for the info...
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