Posted on 29/09/2005 at 17:31

Dismantling the screen

This is the most critical step of the construction : hacking the LCD screen. Do it in a quiet place, marking each plug, do never force on 'em... I used a Hyundaï L50s 17" that I got for a fair price. The benefit of a 17" screen is its 1024x768 resolution : not only I'll be able to watch movies, but also surf the internet, play video games, etc... Balancing drawback : the box will be large, therefore bulky... It's a matter of choices!

Unpacking the brand new screen, I plug it to check it works fine. No problems here, not even a dead pixel.

Removed the back part...

Dismantling goes on... I put a mark on each plug to make sure I'll be able to plug them back later at the right place.

And voila!

The LCD panel is naked, and plugged back "in the air" to check it is still working... Ooof, it does work!
You then have to manipulate the panel with extreme care, it's only a very fragile 2mm thick glass panel...

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