Posted on 06/02/2007 at 16:34

35.000 : ShamWerks goes bilingual (again)!

Voila, we've reached the 35.000 visits... Oh, talking about that : you'll get the traditionnal pin-up every 5.000 hits only from now, unless there will soon be more pin-ups than real content on this bloody site! icone smiley wink

The previous version of this site was available both in French and in English, and as ShamWerks has a lot of visits from english-speaking people...

It was more than important that ShamWerks becomes accessible in English again!

So, in order to celebrate those 35.000 hits, and using the little flags in the left column, you can switch the language for all of the articles on this site! (Well, actually, if you're reading that, you already know!)
The articles in the Photo section are not yet all translated, but it's a matter of hours... By the way, my English is not that perfect, do not hesitate to drop me a line if some translations are too bad...

The RSS feed, as well, is from now on available in French and in English!

There were fewer updates those last days : I've spent a lot of time translating the site, and at least as much time at my workbench preparing the future articles!

Many thanks for your fidelity : statistics show that more than one third of the visitors are regular ones... See you back soon!
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