Posted on 29/09/2005 at 17:33

The box...

Well, you guessed it folks, I need to make a big box to contain everything!

I decided to make it out of medium wood (MDF) 10mm. thick. Light, cheap, easy to work with... The box is pretty bullky : 68cm x 35cm x 35cm.

Here we go! The grills in the background will mask the light on the air intakes. Be careful following the plan with a millimeter precision, unless the focal axis won't be respected, and therefore the image will be blur...

First box test assembly :

This divider will hold the borosilicate glass avoiding th heat to transmit from the lightbox to the rest of the box.

This same divider painted black, with the glass in.

Again the same divider, with the lightbox mounted behind. This later is mounted on the divider through spacers, by security, as the metal will heat up a lot, I don't want to take any risk with the wood...

As seen from the back, the lightbox being cabled, with its ballast on the bottom.

All the interior is painted black to avoid any reflection that would reduce the resulting image quality. The bottom left hole will be used for the VGA connectivity, as well as power inlet, and switches.

This divider will hold the LCD screen in its center, and the two Fresnel lenses on each side :

Centering the Fresnel lenses :

Objective support :

The objective support is mounted on rails inside the box, to be able to adjust the focal to the screen distance. While playing with the objective's adjustable focal, I can adjust the projected image size.

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