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Engine restoration

Engine restoration
I brought the engine back home : disassembly is going on on my terrace... icone smiley wink
Note : I found some fiberglass in the exhaust. The Lambretta Club de France's President told me this was a proof the scooter has only a limited mileage ; indeed the fiberglass was of oor quality by that time, and usually burnt rapidly...

Starting the grand cleaning of the engine... The grease coat was so thick it was hiding the screw I needed to remove to separate the transmission from the engine block!
More than 1 liter of cleaning agent was needed to give back a clean look to the engine.
The looseness on the gearbox's gears looks OK, and I did not find any filings in the carter...
The carburetor : all the parts were disassembled, up to the smallest spring, then cleaned with some alcohol, and brushed with a soft metallic modeling brush. The result is pretty good, though it took me 8 hours for the carburetor only!

Cylinder / head : they didn't look OK whn I removed'em from the engine, but here is the result after lots of patience, elbow grease and some polishing paste. I'm pretty proud of the result, the result is great!

Rear spindle : 2 ball bearing to change, they "scratched" a little. Be careful when disassembling the small seal you see on the bottom of the picture : don't loose it, it's very difficult to find another one today. When, you could make a new one from scratch anyway...

The cooling housing aluminium stuff : thos parts, pretty thin an fragile, are more and more dificult to find in such a good condition! Plus, my model (1956) requires a specific type of housing for its aluminium intake manifold. Phew, this is the right housing model, feel lucky!

The speedometer "transmitter". A Jaeger clockwork piece. Superb.
And here is the result, once the engine mounted back! I really enjoyed reassembling it, as I've got all seals as new, and all parts flagged with a tag...

Only issue : when mounting the piston, an axis blocking clip decided to take some holidays in the carter, below the crankshaft... Not tht easy to take it off! My advise : put the engine case on its side when mounting the clips to avoid this situation... If you have the same problem as I had, you can use two 1mm. piano wires to get the clip out... Some patience is required as well!! icone smiley laugh
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