Posted on 17/01/2011 at 01:41

Happy New Year 2011

Here's one of the very last pictures of 2010, taken by my camera around 22:30 on December 31st. It's in Amed, East coast of Bali, during a tropical storm (it's rain season in Indonesia) ; after countless tries, finally, lightning stroke precisely when the picture was shot!
I'm preparing more pictures of that trip for you, I first have to sort the 1500 I brought back...

Anyway, back to the point : Happy New Year 2011 folks!
I've decided this year I stop wishing to people things they already have ; so, I wish you good health only if you're sick, money only if you're broke, etc. icone smiley laugh

You noticed ShamWerks has been less updated lately... First, my job did not leave me a lot of free time recently, but more important, I struggle trying to find a place to to mechanics, I don't really have any place to work currently. But I'm working on this issue, I may have a solution, to be continued... icone smiley wink

That's all folks, again Happy New Year 2011!
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