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GM FuturLiner

Huuuumm, the fifties, the Streamline design, Raymond Loewy (see Such an era, that gave the very firt concepts cars, in the after-war euphoria, a time of shining chromes, when nobody was thinking economy and global warming...

Here is a great example of this period, a monster I discovered a few month ago : the GM Futurliner (hence the name!):

Twelve of those vehivles where built by General Motors, for the "Parade of Progress" : a tour of 300 cities, from 1953 to 1956, to show the know-how of GM and their latest technologies... The very beginnings of the "avionics era" of US cars. Each Futurliner contained a diorama, a display...

A group of enthusiasts is restoring one of those monsters :, you must have a look at this...
More pictures can be found on Thrilling Wonder.

At the end of the day, the real question is : how many tons of chrome polish does it take to clean one of those beasts? icone smiley laugh

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