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Model wrecks...

Just a link to Martin Otto Lambert's website, who builds metal model cars from scratch... Well, actually, model car wrecks.
Have a special look at this 81cm. long 300SL Gullwing (one of my favourite cars evah, btw), built from the plans...
The details are freakin me out.
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Derringer Cycles

A bike frame and a 49cc engines. Said this way, it sounds like a Solex... But come on, these ones have Hell of a style.
Have a look on Derringer Cycles, there are some pure jewels, with a look so 20's... He who would like to make me a $3500 worth present can contact me for my color scheme choice. icone smiley wink
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Radio-Cycle or Tri-Flyer?

The little Charlotte was about to turn 5 years old, and her mother, a friend o'mine, had found that old tricycle (70's?) in a trash bin... So I ended up with a week-end project I enjoyed a lot!

Mission : turn an old rusty toy into a fancy birthday gift!
I first dismantled it entirely (well, almost, the saddle and handle bar were stuck by the rust, I couldn't remove'em without bending the whole frame). Then, I removed all the rust and paint with a metallic brush on my electric drill, which was statically fixed on a workbench, with a foot switch for ease of use. Only 30 minutes to get it done!
Anti-rust primer spray, two layers... Sprayed right after the brushing, unless your bare metal starts rusting again!
> No pictures of the actual paint job (spray as well, 2 layers of red, 2 layers of white) cuz the weather was changing and I really wanted to finish before the storm arrived... Therefore I totally forgot to take any further pics!
The color scheme is obviously the same as the famous Radio-Flyers... I could have made it more "girly", but the Mom could not stand any additional pink! icone smiley wink

Then final finishing :
  • cleansing of the chain and put it back with new grease,
  • polishing of the wheels,
  • special product on the tires to get them shiny black again,
  • covering the saddle with white leather (using spray glue : the result is great!)
  • fixing a little vintage headlight, and a vintage-looking horn (the horn was a mandatory part of the original requirements from the mother!)
  • cleansing of the handles,
  • small pinstripe on the chain carter and front of the frame (not that, t'was my first time!)

Here we are! Perfect gift for a little monster to break the speed limits in the streets of her village! icone smiley laugh
By the way, it was as well the occasion to make a funny picture... Same kid, same tools... Almost the same tricycle.
Holy shit, 30 years. Kind of creepy, hum? icone smiley wink
"Some things change... Others do not."
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Posté le 30/01/2009 at 16:44

Retro Design

Here's a link to a beautiful set on FlickR : a set of drawings, made in the early 60's, allegedly depicting the daily life in the future...
These were offered as gifts by United States Steel International to its clients (hence the presence of metal of each and every drawing...).
Note, especially, how the chrome was supposed to be a future thing by then! Make sure you have a look at those... Click here!

[via the unavoidable Dark Roasted Blend]
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Monaco Top Marques 2008

I know, I know, I'm running very late with this article...
I already gave you an article about this event in 2007... I went back there in 2008, so here goes nothing, a few pictures from the Monaco Top Marques Show! (thanks Piet for the VIP Pass!)

Not as many pictures this time since many cars present this time were already there last year...

This is quite a funny place actually, where the most classy things rest side to side with exceptionnal examples of bad taste. (see this stolen picture for example)... icone smiley wink
Anyway, once again, here be some very desirable vehicles. I gotta admit I'd gladly make that white SLR Brabus blanche my daily driver...
Oh, and look, nothing happens by chance : a MotoArt, stand is here, I just told you about them a while ago : I manage to get their beautiful paper catalogue... icone smiley wink
would you like to know more? :
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