Posté le 12/07/1999 at 12:00

2000 Hits!

At least, a B I G update of the site! :
  • New interface of the whole site... Maybe updated again later...
  • Shorter pages, optimised pictures, for increased velocity on the site
  • A bunch of new words in the diko (still in french only): ICQter, Setuper, Nunux, and a lot of others...
  • News from my submarine 'Bubul'
  • Creation of the 'Nautile' page, my new R/C Submarine project
So? Wasn't it worth the wait?? More of all, the site reached the 2000 hits on July 5th 1999! Many thanks y'all guys!!
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Posté le 23/04/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-04-23

Another small update, with the words 'impacter', and 'hard-coder' added to the diko...
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Posté le 31/03/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-03-31

A way small update, I've just added the words 'focusser', 'poper' and 'merger' in my Diko Ninfo (which will remain in french only!). Thks Yannick.
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Posté le 02/03/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-03-02

Added new words into the "Diko Ninfo" (always only in French!):'broadcaster' (thanks Yannick), 'antialiasing', 'BIOS' (How couldn't I think about this one before??) 'overdrive' and 'préemptif'. Update of 'cluster' and 'flasher'.
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Posté le 18/02/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-02-18

Update of the look of the site : funny dots arround your mouse, cascading style sheet menu, brand new logo "Da Sham's Web Page"... Looks better like that, hu? :)
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