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News on 1999-08-26

Update of the Menton 1999 meeting's page with the pictures taken by Loic / Xav'Yeah. Great job, guys!
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News on 1999-08-18

And voila, a new page! In French only, the pictures of the 1999 Menton VW Meeting. T'was really a great meeting!! Also add a bunch of new words in my Diko...
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News on 1999-08-12

Mainly design stuff this time, in order to help those of you who can't afford a screen big enough for my pages... I also add a lot of new words in the 'Diko Ninfo', I let you find them!
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News on 1999-08-10

Two new pages today : the bill of the Nautile, and a second page of pictures of the building of the same Nautile... I have modified the aspect of the font of the whole Submarine section. Smaller font looks better! At last I've added the word "disabler" to the diko ninfo (still in french only!). Thanks to James for this word!!
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Posté le 12/07/1999 at 12:00

2000 Hits!

At least, a B I G update of the site! :
  • New interface of the whole site... Maybe updated again later...
  • Shorter pages, optimised pictures, for increased velocity on the site
  • A bunch of new words in the diko (still in french only): ICQter, Setuper, Nunux, and a lot of others...
  • News from my submarine 'Bubul'
  • Creation of the 'Nautile' page, my new R/C Submarine project
So? Wasn't it worth the wait?? More of all, the site reached the 2000 hits on July 5th 1999! Many thanks y'all guys!!
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