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Juan-les-Pins, day and night...

It's been a long time... So this time, it's not one, but two postcards from Juan-les-Pins!
Yeah, yeah, I know, I turn mono-maniacal ; just another of my obsessive compulsive disorders! icone smiley laugh

Those are two pictures of center Juan-les-Pins' main crossroad : the "Carrefour de la Joie" ("Crossroad of Joy" : WTF?!) ; but, moreover, the two photos were taken merely under the same angle, one at daylight, the other at night! That's how I could make the above banner, overlaying both pictures... Giving this unreal result, where daylight shadows and kids in swimsuits meet night's men in suits and neon glowing lights...
The right picture above (at night) is dated from 1958 on its back ; unfortunately no date for the left one (by day).
But looking at it closely, I found a poster announcing a concert on Saturday September 1st ; and September 1st was a Saturday in 1951, '56, and '62 only. Based on the vehicles we can see (lots of american cars, Renault 4 CV, Vespa and Lambretta scooters, Fiat 500), I believe the picture was taken in 1956...
Note, on the night picture, a Rumi Formicchino parked along the sidewalk on the right... Quite rare!

Identical angle and two years difference for these two pictures, one of which travelled to Belgium, to end up on my desk half-a-century later... And finally be scanned and posted to the Internet. Wow...

Hey, there's a sign announcing the Crazy Horse's Strip-Tease Girls at the Casino... Damn, 52 years late! icone smiley wink
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