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Who's Sham? Why ShamWerks?

Sham :

My real first name is Jean-Michel (but everybody cal me "Jim"... Part from my father and the Tax Office!icone smiley laugh), I'm aged 47 ans, 5 mois, 23 jours et 54 minutes while you're reading it (accurate, isn't it?). I live on the French Riviera, in southern France.

"Sham" is a nickname I created on my own around 1989 to sign my drawings, doodles, graffitis, etc...
Sham is the short for "Shaman", the tribal sorcerer (OK, come on, I know, I was young by that time!). Anyway, my friends at the university started calling me Sham, and after it kept on during my jobs... There was a time when a lot of people didn't even know my real first name!

For the wordplays, leave me alone, I believe all of them have already been done : "Sham-allow", "Sham-eau", "Sham-Sham-Sham-Sham-ois d'or", "Sham-onyx" (well, those are french wordplays!)... I know as well that Cham is one of Noah's son in the Bible, I know what Sham means in English, but well, you know, too late, that's my nickname, I'll keep it!

ShamWerks :

ShamWerks is the 4th version of my site.
"Werks", in German, means "Work", or "Factory" ; the VolkswagenWerk, for example, is the VW factory...
As this site presents my works, in different domains, and as my favorite mechanics are German... ShamWerks is Sham's Workshop! icone smiley laugh

This new version is made to be more dynamic, interactive... The ADSL having killed the RTC (56K R.I.P...), I can afford some heavier graphic content, nicer pictures ; 800x600 screens being rare today, I leave the old 760px wide design for 977px : sorry for the webdesign's purists, it was way to tight!

I know this site looks like a blog, but I prefer quality to quantity : do not expect new articles on a daily basis, but more likely every week. I could post everyday a picture stolen from a website, like many bloggers do, but I'd rather provide an original, useful, homemade content.

Technically, I've developed this site in PHP over a MySQL database... No typepad, no WordPress, no DotClear, I have coded everything by hand, from A to Z! It may look like a strange choice, but it gives me more control and flexibility on what I'm doing, playing with some technologies (JQuery, CSS, URL rewriting, GD, RSS, etc.)... Yes, being software developer helps a lot. icone smiley wink

History :

Let's do some online archeology :


My first steps on the Web occur in '96 with a site named "Good Morning Net'naaaaam", hosted by Geocities... Which disappeared a long time ago, which is all but a big loss, believe me. (Edit 2016-05-23 : Actually there's still a trace of it at!)


1998, I give birth to "Da Sham's Webpage", the v1.0 being hosted at Citeweb (hosting site now disappeared), until late 1999 :

January 1st 2001

The v2.0 appears on a new hosting site ; Free (God bless the freebox) :

Juin 2003

The v.3.0 will appear in June 2003, dropping the framed design, but still hosted at the same place :


10 years after my first appearance online (er... I'm getting old!), here is the v4.0, and to celebrate this event, it even has it's own domain name : welcome on! I offer my site a real hosting space, moving to OVH...

Gosh... 10 years online, sounds scary no?? icone smiley laugh

This site is guaranteed 100% "LOL-free":

I'm getting tired of all those sites/blogs with spelling errors on every single word... Plus some more SMS acronyms , "LOL"s and other teenage nerds stuff... 10 years ago, "LOL" was cool ; today, it's just bothering me... Plus down here in France, I've heard teenagers saying LOL in their daily conversations! Can you believe it?? So! ShamWerks is proud to be the first member of the A.L.P.D. : the Anti-LOL Police Department! No more LOLs! icone smiley wink

Edit 2016-06-24 : 10 years went by since I wrote this article. Since then, not only LOL became a usual term in the common, daily language, but it even made it to the French and English dictionaries.
I have no words. Keep fighting against the LOLz!!
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