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Monaco Top Marques 2008

I know, I know, I'm running very late with this article...
I already gave you an article about this event in 2007... I went back there in 2008, so here goes nothing, a few pictures from the Monaco Top Marques Show! (thanks Piet for the VIP Pass!)

Not as many pictures this time since many cars present this time were already there last year...

This is quite a funny place actually, where the most classy things rest side to side with exceptionnal examples of bad taste. (see this stolen picture for example)... icone smiley wink
Anyway, once again, here be some very desirable vehicles. I gotta admit I'd gladly make that white SLR Brabus blanche my daily driver...
Oh, and look, nothing happens by chance : a MotoArt, stand is here, I just told you about them a while ago : I manage to get their beautiful paper catalogue... icone smiley wink
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