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I'm fond of comics books for a pretty long time now... We can find many cartoonists over the Internet, more or less talented... I follow Maliki on a regular basis, as well as the Lemur and Yoh, I like the Geek-ish under-culture of Megatokyo, I'm fan of the Arthur de Pins' style...

But I've found way better : Lackadaisy.

The action takes place in the US, in St Louis, in the 20's, during the prohibition. The scenario is good, there's a lot of references to the interwar years style, omnipresent humor, I love the Cajun accent of some characters... But moreover, bloody great drawings! Backgrounds and characters (have a closer look to faces' expressions), everything's just superb...
Looks a bit like BlackSad, but less dark.
Anyway, Lackadaisy, a pure marvel to discover. And read it from the beginning!
Great job, Tracy.
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