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Kitty Upgrade : the brakes!

In order to install the Fuchs, I need to switch from the original 4x100 wheels bolt pattern to the Porsche 5x130 ; which means, at least, replacing brake discs and drums.
So, here I to again, renovating the whole thing! icone smiley laugh

Front end :

I replace brake discs and bearing with new ones (thanks Laurent!), and I fully rebuild the brake calipers : renovation kit from VW Classic, new brake pads and flew lines, beadblasted nuts and bolts, and Foliatec-painted calipers. I wanted to paint them red at first, but then I thought that would look a bit to "bling", so I went for a more classy lossy black finish.
Why paint them, one may ask? Well, just for the sake of avoinding to see an ugly rusted bit of metal behind my shiny polished Fuchs' spokes! icone smiley wink

Rear end :

Complete renovation here too : degreasing/sandblasting/painting of the brake plates, beadblasting of misc hardware, and reassembling with new brake cylinder/pads/springs!
Yet another thing done... To be continued tomorrow!
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