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Red Lichtenstein

It all started when I found this picture on the Internet :
Today, I wouldn't be able to tell you where I found it! I like very much this painting, but I don't know its origins... Looks pretty much like some Lichtenstein stuff, but impossible to confirm this information. If you know more, please contact me!!

[Edit 2007-08-27 : I finally discovered who painted this! It's Benjamin Capdevielle, go have a look at his website, there are some lovely paintings there!]

Two or three years pass while this image is sleeping on my hard drive... Till the day I decided it was high time this painting was hanged on my wall at home!

So I started re-working the original image, cleaning it, cropping it (the perspective on the original photograph was wrong), then I created a grill over it to reproduce the model as accurately as possible. Which leaded me to the following :
Let's do it! icone smiley wink I reproduced the model on 6 33x41cm canvas (this was the format closest to the original I could find) :
Then it was time to put some paint over it : this is a long, delicate and bothering process to get a clean result... Small modification to the original mode : the eyes and lips will now be in blue shades!
Few hours later, time to hang it on the wall! These photograph are unfair to the actual result, I'll have to make better ones..
Here it is! With some patience, one can make nice preproductions... The process is pretty simple, and doesn't require specific skills! icone smiley wink
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