Posted on 14/07/2007 at 15:56

More polishing tests...

This time I believe I've validated my polishing process... First sanding with 240 grit paper just to get rid of the anodization, then 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, and finally 2000 (all of those wet, obviously).
Then, final refinish in two steps, sewn cotton first, non-sewn then, with two different polishing pastes. The result looks pretty nice to me (see left picture)...

The main point is to follow closely the order of the papers grit : so I kind of organized this stuff in a folder, with the sandpaper already cut ; the actual work will be much easier (see right picture).

Here we go, I'm going back to my wheels...
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Posted on 22/07/2007 at 19:28

Ice and Fire...

Just a picture, made without any Photoshop editing, only using a long exposure (20 seconds) and light methods from Not too bad, uh? (Click the picture to see it fullsize)

Only few updates those days, many other things to think of, way more important than all this stuff... icone smiley meh
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Posted on 08/01/2009 at 13:50

KG from above

OK, call me paranoid, like 1984, Big Brother and so on, but hey, the Americans have spotted my Karmann from space! icone smiley laugh icone smiley laugh icone smiley laugh

Yep, that is my KG, parked on the parking lot of my former place, spotted by the Google's satellites (middle picture) and the Microsoft's planes (left and right pictures)! Feels a bit like Yann Arthus Bertrand (Earth from Above), somehow...
Click the pictures to get to the maps...

What about you? Can you see your toys from space?

[via Google Maps and Live Maps]
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Posted on 10/07/2013 at 23:23

Kitty Upgrade : Fuchs time!

I'm sorry, ShamWerks may have looked like on hold for quite a while now...

Actually, I'm currently in the process of making many improvements on Kitty (that's my Ghia's nickname - don't ask), and it's taking me more time than I had planned for... And I was waiting till I had reached some major steps before posting anything about it here!

So brace yourselves for quite a series of "Kitty Upgrade" posts ; speaking of which, I'd like to thank Bazoom who made the drawing I use in this post's title ; this is kind of a preview of what my Ghia should look like when I finish it. I know, I know, I got quite a lot of work to do before I get there! icone smiley wink

One of the long awaited modifications was installing the Fuchs wheels presented here almost... Phew, 6 years ago!
These are genuine, original, pre-Feb '71 Porsche Deep Fuchs, not repops, 5.5" in the front, 6" in the rear... Überlike! :
It took me a while, I finally got them polished. Yup, I went the easy way, bringing them to a professional to do it, I didn't have the courage/patience to spend 15 hours per wheel sanding! (Olive-from-the-Hills, if you read this : yes, I'm kinda ashamed icone smiley laughicone smiley laughicone smiley laugh)

So, I first took the rims to paint stripper to get rid of the many paint layers. Fun fact, he didn't manage to remove the original black layer from Porsche, even after putting the wheels four times in his paint stripping bath! That paint was pretty tough!
Then, I took the rims to Moriano to get them fully polished. He ain't cheap, but the result is just perfect, they look like they're chromed!

And to those who tell me "that's too shiny, too bling, go on and detail them", well... No. I do like'em this way, they'll remain fully polished! (well, at least until I get tired of cleaning/rubbing/polishing!)
Then I had to decide what the size of the tires would be... Not an easy task, since there's not that much room under the fenders of a Ghia.
So I first spent quite some time browsing several Aicooled VW forum (F4E, FKG, TheSamba...) to see what tires other people used on their Ghias. I compiled all these data in an Excel file, which might prove useful to anyone out there who wants to put Fuchs on his Ghia : download this file here, you'll thank me later... icone smiley wink

I finally set my mind on Yokohama tires, 165/65 R15 in the front, and 185/65 R15 in the rear, ordered on the french website 123pneus (and delivered within 48 hours as usual, that's a good address!). Tires were installed with tire tubes inside ; that's not perfect, but you don't really have a choice with Deep Fuchs, since there's no ridge around the rim to keep a tubeless tire in place...
After a quick test, the Fuchs seem to pass just fine inside the front fenders with the 165/65 R15 tires. That's mainly thanks to the 42mm inside offset of the Deep 5.5"... The tire just slightly rubs the fender when I'm turning full left, but it should be ok. To be confirmed with dynamic driving on the road, though, but I might very well not have to change my front beam for a narrowed one!
On he other hand, the rear tires do not fit the rear fenders, but I knew that would happen.

While I was at it, I installed four red Koni adjustable shockers, trying to make the best I could to improve the road holding. Concerning the shockers, they were out of stock at all the aircooled VW dealers I contacted, but I found them available, and cheaper, directly on the Koni-Shop website, delivered within 24 hours! icone smiley laugh

To be continued... Tomorrow! icone smiley wink
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Posted on 11/07/2013 at 23:02

Kitty Upgrade : the brakes!

In order to install the Fuchs, I need to switch from the original 4x100 wheels bolt pattern to the Porsche 5x130 ; which means, at least, replacing brake discs and drums.
So, here I to again, renovating the whole thing! icone smiley laugh

Front end :

I replace brake discs and bearing with new ones (thanks Laurent!), and I fully rebuild the brake calipers : renovation kit from VW Classic, new brake pads and flew lines, beadblasted nuts and bolts, and Foliatec-painted calipers. I wanted to paint them red at first, but then I thought that would look a bit to "bling", so I went for a more classy lossy black finish.
Why paint them, one may ask? Well, just for the sake of avoinding to see an ugly rusted bit of metal behind my shiny polished Fuchs' spokes! icone smiley wink

Rear end :

Complete renovation here too : degreasing/sandblasting/painting of the brake plates, beadblasting of misc hardware, and reassembling with new brake cylinder/pads/springs!
Yet another thing done... To be continued tomorrow!
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