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Promenade du Soleil

Sorry! This article has not yet been translated in english! Please come back later!

Petit voyage dans le temps aujourd'hui, avec 9 cartes postales du même coin de Juan-les-Pins : ce qui aujourd'hui s'appelle le Boulevard Baudouin, ou "Promenade du Soleil" (enfin, son début). Neuf photos, datées de 1903 à 1967, qui permettent de voir l'évolution du lieu...
Cliquez sur la première pour l'agrandir, puis utilisez le bouton next pour passer à la suivante, la date du cliché apparaissant en légende.

A l'occasion, j'irai vous prendre en photo ce qu'est devenu ce quartier aujourd'hui (vous pouvez voir l'endroit dans Google Streetview ici)... Et si je trouve d'autres cartes postales du même lieu, je mettrai à jour cet article, histoire de suivre l'évolution à travers les ages! icone smiley wink
Edit 15/06/2011 : Ajout de la photo de 1930 (avec le bus)
Edit 22/07/2011 : Ajout de la photo de 1935
Edit 26/08/2011 : Ajout de la photo de 1967 (en couleurs)

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Juan-les-Pins, August 9th 1945.

Yet another Juan-les-Pins postcard... From a graphic standpoint, it's not that interesting, not a lot details, as the colorization process masked many of them.

No, one this one, the back side is more interesting : this postcard was sent by Lieutenant J. Robinson, an american soldier then deployed here, to his parents in Baltimore (Maryland).

And the date sends a shiver through my spine : the US Army Postal Service stamps shows August 9th 1945.
That very same day, the Bockscar bomber (see nose art on the right) dropped the Fat Man atomic bomb onto Nagasaki, instantly killing 30.000, and many more later due to the effects of radiations...

War in Europe has only been over for 3 months, and Japan will surrender 6 days later, marking the end of WW2.
The handwritten text has a different after taste in this context :
"Dearest Folks,
Am having the time of my life just looking at the beautiful nights of the Riviera.
Hope to be home soon. Only wish that you could share this wonderful place with me.
Your loving son,
Obvisouly, this soldier ignored everything about what was about to happen on the other side of the globe, and even if he had, the army censors verifier all letters against leaks.
At the same moment, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Nagasaki, just a few kilometers away from the hypocenter of the explosion. Three days earlier, he also was in Hiroshima on a business trip... He managed to survive both bombs ; he passed away a few months ago, last January.

The Fat Man type bomb was later tested on the Bikini atoll, which gave its name to the swimsuit I was telling you about recently, which was marketed as follow : "the bikini, the first anatomic bomb" (sic)...
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Miss Bikini 1956

Ok, just to celebrate (again) the 100.000th hit on ShamWerks, you deserve another pin-up.

But not just any pin-up! This is actually yet-another-vintage-postcard from Juan-les-Pins in the 50's (and prepare yourself to see more of these, I've got a dozen of'em to scan!)...

The card travel in June 57 (post office stamp) ; therefore we can conjecture that the picture was taken the previous season, i.e. in 1956.
And believe me, bikini swimsuits like this one, in '56, there shouldn't have that many ; you can tell so looking at the guy on her left hand side, turning his head like an owl... icone smiley laugh

There could be an explanation : that very same year, the movie "Et Dieu créa la Femme" ("And God created Woman"), is which Brigitte Bardot caused quite a scandal by appearing in a bikini for the first time on screen ; consequently, every young girl wanted to get the same small swimsuit for themselves...
Hell of an era, uh? icone smiley wink

[Place the picture was taken as seen in Google Streetview]
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Posted on 20/03/2008 at 13:45

Juan-les-Pins, day and night...

It's been a long time... So this time, it's not one, but two postcards from Juan-les-Pins!
Yeah, yeah, I know, I turn mono-maniacal ; just another of my obsessive compulsive disorders! icone smiley laugh

Those are two pictures of center Juan-les-Pins' main crossroad : the "Carrefour de la Joie" ("Crossroad of Joy" : WTF?!) ; but, moreover, the two photos were taken merely under the same angle, one at daylight, the other at night! That's how I could make the above banner, overlaying both pictures... Giving this unreal result, where daylight shadows and kids in swimsuits meet night's men in suits and neon glowing lights...
The right picture above (at night) is dated from 1958 on its back ; unfortunately no date for the left one (by day).
But looking at it closely, I found a poster announcing a concert on Saturday September 1st ; and September 1st was a Saturday in 1951, '56, and '62 only. Based on the vehicles we can see (lots of american cars, Renault 4 CV, Vespa and Lambretta scooters, Fiat 500), I believe the picture was taken in 1956...
Note, on the night picture, a Rumi Formicchino parked along the sidewalk on the right... Quite rare!

Identical angle and two years difference for these two pictures, one of which travelled to Belgium, to end up on my desk half-a-century later... And finally be scanned and posted to the Internet. Wow...

Hey, there's a sign announcing the Crazy Horse's Strip-Tease Girls at the Casino... Damn, 52 years late! icone smiley wink
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Posted on 18/04/2007 at 19:03

Back in time...

Juan les Pins, 60's...
Everything has changed, and at the same time, everything's the same.
In the end, only the girls have really changed, leaving the class and sexy fashion from the sixties for the disgusting flesh and silicon market of the 3rd millenium... Times change!
To listen while looking at this picture : Dany Logan, "Mon cœur à Juan les Pins"...

Edit 18/04/2007 :
Till now I only had a partiel scan of this photo... I come back today on this picture (original article from 2006/09/30), as I finally found the original post card (thanks to eBay, as usual!)!

The card has been send on August 20th 1967. Dauphine and DS populated the streets, a big "Fly TWA" sign was above the Crystal... The GrandMarnier on the left still exists, as well as the LunaPark on its right side, which has became a place full of noisy, blinking arcade games... I imagine that by that time, it was full of Flippers!
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