Posted on 28/05/2001 at 12:00

News on 2001-05-28

As I promised, a big update of DKW pages! The motorcycle runned this week-end for the first time! Check those pictures!
I also have added a "DKW section" in the links page...
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Posted on 20/05/2001 at 12:00

8000 Hits!

Just a little news : today Da Sham's Web Site welcomed its 8000th visitor! Many, many thanks to all of you who left me a message concerning this site!
A big update of the DKW pages is planned within a few days...
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Posted on 30/03/2001 at 12:00

7500 Hits!

Nearly 3 months since I last updated this site! Sorry for the delay, my new profesionnal activities didn't allow me to update Da Sham's Web Site as often as I used to...
Many, many thanks to you all, up to today, it's about 7500 visitors who came here! Thanks for all your messages...
Today I added a brand new section on this site : D.K.W., my latest bought, a 1954 motorcycle.
And, I promise, I'll update more often those pages in the near future! See you soon!
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Posted on 01/01/2001 at 12:00

Happy New Year 2001!

Huge update!
We step in the new millenium, so I decided to give my web site a brand new interface. More funny than the former black background, it's now more clear, the site is now fully translated into english...
And for the third time on this site, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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Posted on 19/10/2000 at 12:00

6000 Hits!

Early this morning, between 1 and 2AM, this site welcomed its 6000th visitor, almost 2 years day-for-day after its opening! Champagne!
Once again, thank you all for your messages... And see you soon here for a brand new version of Da Sham Web Site!
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