Posted on 21/03/2002 at 12:00

News on 2002-03-21

Big update of the Drawings page. New drawings, and I also ripped off the old ones I did not like that much. I also gave it a "sexier" look.
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Posted on 14/03/2002 at 12:00

11.000 hits!

Yet another *small* update. I've renewed the Album Photo page (still in French only, unfortunately) with brand new pictures, a nice lay out...
I also have cleaned up the links page, according the look and feel of the whole site.
Last but not least, Da Sham's Web Site welcomed its 11.000th visitor last week! Thanks to all of you for your kind messages!
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Posted on 24/02/2002 at 12:00

News on 2002-02-24

Quite a small update today... A lot of "clean up", of lay-out. I have changed the look of this page and the "Who's Sham?".
I'll try to upgrade the whole site to CSS technology for enhanced compatibility inter-OS and inter-Browsers. A lot of work, this site starts being huge!
I've added quite a small page in the Lambretta section : Retromobile 2002, featuring a few pictures from this event.
Some advertisement for a web site I like very much : Karine Lima's web site, who's working for the french TV channel M6.
Thank you Karine for your kindness and your energy!

I also cleaned up the "links" page, as some people told me it featured dead links! icone smiley wink
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Posted on 18/01/2002 at 12:00

Happy New Year 2002!

Not a lot of updates those days... Sorry, I'm still looking for a job, so I'm not highly motivated to work on this site... OK, a few updates anyway :

  • update of the Bubul pages, with the wiring diagram of th modification of my remote control emmiter. A lot of visitors asked for it!
  • I (me myself) appeared in the french R/C Model magazine "Bateau modèle" N°42 of December 2001/January 2002... Soon some scans of it here!
  • Added the pictures of the 2001 R/C Submarine Meeting of Pegomas
  • At least (!!), I added the pictures of the 2001 VW Meeting of Menton... 6 Month after the event! Well I already did an article on this event on
  • And, last but not least, I'd like to wish to all the visitors of this site a wonderful New Year 2002!! This is the 4th "new year" on this site, I feel OLD!!! icone smiley wink

Within days, a nice update on the Lambretta's pages... Stay tuned!
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Posted on 05/11/2001 at 12:00

10000 Hit + featured in Super VW Magazine!

No updates on this site for months... I feel sorry about that, I have received a lot of e-mails from usual visitors, asking for the reasons of this silence...
In fact the latest 4 month have been rather complicated for me, mainly because I have been fired from my former position (for economic reasons)... So I'm loking for a job now!
I have used those kind of hollidays to go to Guadeloupe (French Antillas) : pictures available here : Guadeloupe page...
Next, just before being fired, I have bought a new vehicle... I promise, this will be the last!! You can have a look to this real beauty here : Malicia
Last news, this web site has been featured in the french magazine "Super VW" (No146, October 2001) :

At least, Da Sham's Web Site welcomed its 10.000th visitor in October... Champagne!
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