Posted on 14/01/2008 at 17:29


Just a little picture, shot by a friend of mine (Piet "Wüt Wüt" E12) a few weeks ago in Amsterdam... And which tends to proove I've got an homonym outta there, who knows what to do with a couple of sprays cans! icone smiley laugh
Humm, I'll try to find back my own graffs as well... Click on the picture to see it fullsize!

Soooooo classy... Many thanks, amigo!
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Posted on 25/12/2007 at 22:50

All this... For that.

Here is one of the reasons of my absence on ShamWerks the past few weeks.

A fucking bunch o'keys, which makes me feel like I'm a prison guard... Aaah, old houses...icone smiley wink
It's been long and difficult, full of surprises, but finally, I've got a roof above my head that I'm owner of... Expect lots of "deco" articles in the next months on ShamWerks! icone smiley laugh
New at-home, new internet connection, a bunch of articles ready to be published... This site should seriously wake up in 2008!

Merry Christmas to you all!
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Posted on 13/10/2007 at 14:36

Sony Bravia : colour like no other 2007

Take 2,5 tons of plasticine and 40 animators to shoot 100.000 pictures in 3 weeks, and make a 90 seconds stop-motion video clip...

The new Sony Bravia advert just cme out.

After the superb bouncing balls wave in the San-Francisco streets, after the brilliant colour explosions in Glasgow (both are must-see if you missed'em!), here come bunnies in the New-York streets. May be not my favourite one, but a real pleasure to watch anyway...
Ideally, to be seen in HD, clips are available on the official website (the making of film i great as well)...

Next episode in one year from now...
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Posted on 02/10/2007 at 18:46

AirLiners / PilotList

Just two links today...
When you're fond of beautiful mechanics and of technology, like I am, you're definitely in aeronautics.

As a starter,, a must see ; more than a million of pictures online! Mostly big airliner (hence the name of the site...), from which many of them in rather weird situations, like on the famous St. Marteen airport... And a few jewels like this northern lights picture, shot in the North Canada... I let you search.

The second link is a site on which I go pretty regularly. Not a single picture here, text only : Sorry guys, that's in French only!
But if you can read French, this is a pilots mailing list, whatever their skills level, from the beginner to the Captain.
And, especially, we find there articles written by Jacques Darolles, Captain on Airbus A320 (but he usually signs with an hume "Conducteur d'engins" - Vehicle Driver...), author of the book "Le plus beau bureau du monde" (The most beautiful office of the World). He has a really great writing style, for those of you who, just like me, are dreaming whilst watching the aircrafts taking off,a nd love all those processes which are behind a long-haul flights...

To find back his articles, it's right here, on Pilot List.
If you read those texts, I recommend "Atterrissage à Kai Tak" (Landing in Kai Tak, Hong Kong's former airport, closed because too dangerous!), "Monsieur est un esthète" (Sir is an aesthete), "La Pâques Russe" (The Russian Easter), "TRPS", or the excellent "On a marché sur la Lune" (We walked on the Moon)...
Oh, you know what, read'em all, I can't choose...

Thanks Mister Darolles, you drive great machines...
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Posted on 06/07/2007 at 13:47

Lost America...

Just a little web link today..., mandatory to visit asap, if like me, you love the fifties' design, especially from the US... And the special feeling present in old junkyards, abandoned gas stations, miscellaneous wrecks, from the same era.
A great photography work, almost exclusively done by night (!), plus some hints about the technics he used to get to this result... Don't know for you, but it sure gives me ideas...

And from the same author, way more pictures on FlickR... This one is great... And one more for Teddy...

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