Posted on 28/04/2009 at 14:33

Radio-Cycle or Tri-Flyer?

The little Charlotte was about to turn 5 years old, and her mother, a friend o'mine, had found that old tricycle (70's?) in a trash bin... So I ended up with a week-end project I enjoyed a lot!

Mission : turn an old rusty toy into a fancy birthday gift!
I first dismantled it entirely (well, almost, the saddle and handle bar were stuck by the rust, I couldn't remove'em without bending the whole frame). Then, I removed all the rust and paint with a metallic brush on my electric drill, which was statically fixed on a workbench, with a foot switch for ease of use. Only 30 minutes to get it done!
Anti-rust primer spray, two layers... Sprayed right after the brushing, unless your bare metal starts rusting again!
> No pictures of the actual paint job (spray as well, 2 layers of red, 2 layers of white) cuz the weather was changing and I really wanted to finish before the storm arrived... Therefore I totally forgot to take any further pics!
The color scheme is obviously the same as the famous Radio-Flyers... I could have made it more "girly", but the Mom could not stand any additional pink! icone smiley wink

Then final finishing :
  • cleansing of the chain and put it back with new grease,
  • polishing of the wheels,
  • special product on the tires to get them shiny black again,
  • covering the saddle with white leather (using spray glue : the result is great!)
  • fixing a little vintage headlight, and a vintage-looking horn (the horn was a mandatory part of the original requirements from the mother!)
  • cleansing of the handles,
  • small pinstripe on the chain carter and front of the frame (not that, t'was my first time!)

Here we are! Perfect gift for a little monster to break the speed limits in the streets of her village! icone smiley laugh
By the way, it was as well the occasion to make a funny picture... Same kid, same tools... Almost the same tricycle.
Holy shit, 30 years. Kind of creepy, hum? icone smiley wink
"Some things change... Others do not."
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