Posted on 15/02/2000 at 12:00

News on 2000-02-15

A new page for the Lambretta! With pics of the restoration of the carbie...
Some advertising for, a web design company created by two friends of mine. Keep on the good job guys!
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Posted on 07/02/2000 at 12:00

News on 2000-02-07

Ah ah!! I have created a new section! I have bought a 1954 Lambretta scooter, so I created a section to follow its restauration!
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Posted on 24/01/2000 at 12:00

News on 2000-01-24

I've added a new page to the "beetle" section. 5 Pages and my very own Volkswagen "Titine" !! Wow... I posted few pics of my latest gift, a Solex 28 PCI carburetor with its gaskets kit...
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Posted on 17/01/2000 at 12:00

Happy New Year 2000 !

My first update of Y2K !!
Happy New Year 2000 to all of you!
In order to start the new year , I have get the engine of my beetle out... Lot of pics to see!
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Posted on 29/11/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-11-29

I have added a page to the 'beetle' section. Just for you to keep a nice bandwidth, you lucky guys! icone smiley smile
Some news about my brand new 36HP engine...
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