Posted on 29/11/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-11-29

I have added a page to the 'beetle' section. Just for you to keep a nice bandwidth, you lucky guys! icone smiley smile
Some news about my brand new 36HP engine...
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Posted on 24/11/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-11-24

Update of beetle pages... Pictures of my lastest shopping : Solex 28 PCI Carb, 2 aluminium manifolds, Okrasa cruiser pedal... Also received my new 36HP engine, soon a picture! icone smiley smile
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Posted on 12/11/1999 at 12:00

News on 1999-11-12

Creation of the "dico Idoine" (only in french - in fact it IS a french dictionnary!). The hitomoeter has reached 3300! A lot of new visitors here!!
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Posted on 26/10/1999 at 12:00

3000-hits + feature in Super VW Magazine

A small update of the site, but 2 good news... I've added 4 pictures of the 1999 Menton Meeting. Thanks Paul Marchio for those pics!
The good news now: - The 3000 hits have been reached on October 24th! Thank you all for your visit! This means about 1000 hits in 4 months!
- This web site has been featured in Super VW Magazine (Number 123 of November 1999). For those who do not know it, this is the one and only Aircooled VW magazine in France! Following is a scan of the article: (click the picture to see it full size):
Thanks Jerome / Philippe for this article!
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Posted on 13/10/1999 at 12:00

Website's first anniversary

First Anniversary of the site!! Thanks to all of you who help me keeping it on-line and updated!
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