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So, here is what takes most of my spare time for now... And here you only see less than a third of the wood involved into my project.
I love woodworking, but as I have some, hmmm, let's say obsessive behaviours, it progresses quite slowly, I check every detail... icone smiley wink

And why all that, you'll ask?

Patience... I'll tell you tomorrow! icone smiley laugh
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WoodWork Concept

What can we do out of a window-less room, 3.70m long, 1.80m wide and 3.10m below ceiling?

Well, you can turn it into a lovely dressing room, with plenty of space to store your heavy and bulky stuff (like old magazines, scuba diving apparel, snowboarding stuff, etc.)... Kind of a small attic to me!
Well, as nothing's simple, the room's dimensions are far from the usual nowadays standards, (especially the 70cm-deep closet), plus the building being pretty old (built in 1927), the walls aren't that straight... So just forget about Ikea ready-to-go stuff, gotta custom-make it to measures!

So here we go, first I give it a try on Sketchup to fine-tune it, making sure everything fits, and listing all the wood board dimensions I need :
So, here is what I'm building with all that wood! Electric jigsaw, circular saw, router and sander are my very best friends those days. icone smiley wink
Invisible hinges on the doors, invisible full-extend BluMotion drawer grooves (not that easy to find these, especially 65cm long... Finally got them at a discount price from Foussier), LED lights integrated all around the bottom part...

Lots of sawdust, but not only... Lots of plaster as well! removing the crappy false ceiling, building a plaster dividing wall, treating, plastering, painting, etc...

Some pictures of the current status real soon! icone smiley wink
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