Posted on 20/01/2007 at 12:56

Thanks Firmin

Sometimes, you can find some pages over the Internet that feels different... Those ones are pretty far from the usual stuff on ShamWerks, but are definitely worth seeing.

So, I found by chance Firmin's Blog (Oh, sorry you english reader, it's available in French only... icone smiley sad). The video below could be its trailer... And this is the only picture you'll ever find at Firmin's, no photographs nor videos at Firmin's. Text only. But what a text...

Firmin is 84 years old. It's his grand child, 25 years old, who helps him putting online his thoughts, trying to "sow seeds for the life to carry on". There's beautiful stories over the Internet...

Thanks Firmin... I'll have dropped more than a tear reading you.
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Posted on 27/12/2006 at 15:01

Ed Roth Case

PC modding, the "art" of modifying PC cases... Definitely geekthing, and unfortunately, most of the time, the realisations are inspired by automotive tuning!

But sometimes, you find a guy who has "gold in his fingers" (well, this is a French expression, I don't know the english equivalent!)... And here is a case that Ed "BigDaddy" Roth could have designed himself!

Pinstriping, scallops, chrome and polished aluminium poli everywhere... Isn't it a pure marvel? icone smiley wink
Rhaaa, I'd like to see this on on my desk!
Follow [this link] to see the step-by-step building of this case...

Another project, way less complex, but which will surely give ideas to some of you :

Follow [this link] to know more about it...

PS : just a link for the Geek Stuff addicts : ThinkGeek, the ultimate online shop... Just a free ad!
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Posted on 29/11/2006 at 12:39

Not revolutionnary, but worth spending 10 minutes on...
The idea is pretty simple : finding, thanks to Google Maps, buildings which shape looks like a letter.
Then put together all those pictures to get the word you want, like the ShamWerks above (Click here to see where those buildings are)...
Useless? Definitely. So rigorously essential. icone smiley wink
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Posted on 26/11/2006 at 12:09

Karmann in the Mountains

Just a quick feature for a blog I visit on a daily basis... The one from Mountain's Olive, to which you've got a link in the left column. Fantastic pictures of alps landscapes, beautiful mechanics, some botanics, and a good spirit consisting into driving his Karmann-Ghia '68 (see the seamless link?icone smiley wink) as often as possible.
Have a nice trip Olive...
PS: Olive, thanks for your 18/11 note!
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Posted on 19/11/2006 at 23:04

I re-broadcast here an information found on the excellent blog of Teddy (I pass there at least once a day!). This is the address of a Canadian site proposing custom chromed badges very old school, to put the final touch on your HotRod, Kustom or... VW. Looks like the ShamWerks logo, right?
Quality is above perfection, the only drawback being... Pricing (sic). But well, everything has a cost, and this is the killing touch on your vintage car... I'll have a serious think 'bout that!

Edit 20090908 : Looks like this site has closed... That's a pity, I liked the idea...
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